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2015 Los Gatos Wrapup by the Numbers

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2015 was a year of extensive growth for the northern California region and even more significantly for the town of Los Gatos. Businesses here of all sizes continue to grow and flourish and it is all thanks to the supportive and powerful economy of Los Gatos. The population of the town and its surrounding area is the life force that makes our town great and they are certainly being rewarded for their efforts and behaviors. The holiday season is a time to reflect on the great work and success we have all experienced in the last year as well as be thankful for the daily rewards we receive from being able to live in such a wonderful community.

The community as a whole continues to be one that is widely desired by people around the globe. The value of the average property in the Los Gatos area (95030) has exceeded the largest of growth projections from last year to this one. The average selling price of a home in Los Gatos (95030) rose 15% from 2014 to its highest ever value of $2,647,586. Even more impressive is that in 2011, the average home’s value was just over half of today’s.

Not only has the value in the area increased at a significant value and at a consistent pace, but the time it takes to sell a property has decreased to historic lows as well. The current skyrocketing demand for a home in the area leads to the hottest market ever experienced in Los Gatos history. A home in 2015 took an average of 43 days to sell as opposed to 2011 where it took almost 100 days on average. This is truly a testament to the amazing population of people in the area that have cultivated one of the most valuable locations and economies in California. The reputation of the city alone creates an enormous value that transcends just those who reside in the bay area. Using these trends as well as belief in the culture that embodies Los Gatos, we can all expect that continued growth is in the near future.

As active members of this wonderful community, we here at Synoptic Real Estate want to thank the fantastic people that we have the pleasure of working with every day. You have truly made our day-to-day life infinitely better and in turn we hope to continue to serve this community in the manner it deserves.


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