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Los Gatos Area Community Fall Events

Many of us residents of the beautiful south bay love this time of year. Fall has come and the weather and colors are just beginning to feel perfect and it is a great time to get out and explore the amazing surroundings we have. Cities in our own backyard are offering fantastic fall activities available to all. Los Gatos and Campbell both host an excellent Farmers market every Sunday and Saratoga on Wednesday afternoons. As a frequenter of the Los Gatos and Saratoga farmers markets, I and many other residents of the area, can attest to the fact that at there are some of the freshest produce and best tasting treats that can be found anywhere.

Many of these Farmers Markets even have various arts and crafts that can guarantee a fun experience for the whole family. Combine that with the ever-present feel of small town hospitality and beautiful surroundings and you will have yourself a fantastic weekend experience with the family that is truly unique to the area.

To find more events, dates, and times please visit your cities online calendar and you can find some hidden gems of your own. Please share all interesting events in your town to us so we can make sure and try it ourselves and spread the word.

  • Sundays, LG farmers market
  • Every Sunday of the Fall Season will hold a Farmers Market in the downtown
  • Pictures of a farmers market in the area can be found by me if need be
  • Rec center classes during the week in a variety of specialties
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