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✨JUST ASK DAVID! ✨ First-Time Home Buyers • Real Estate Advice

Thank you so much for your questions! The second question is from a Facebook follower… 👉🏼 She asked:   “What Advice would you give to First-Time Home Buyers?”   How it works? DM us questions you may have in regards

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✨JUST ASK DAVID! ✨ Good Time to Buy During Covid? • Real Estate Advice

Is it a Good Time to Buy a Home during Covid?   Thank you so much for your questions! The first question is from an Instagram follower… 👉🏼 He asked:   “Is it a good time to purchase a home

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Synoptic Real Estate Group Family Company with High Expertise

Boutique Los Gatos Real Estate Company

Did You Know That We Are a Boutique Real Estate Company?! We all know that there are one too many real estate companies out there that would love to help earn your real estate business. We want to take a

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Synoptic Teaches Real Estae Event First Time Buyers

Local Home Buying Seminar – Event Recap

Recap: There was excitement in the air, fresh flowers on the counters, warmly baked pastries on the buffet table and a sense of anticipation wafted through the room as we all stood welcoming our guests who were arriving for an

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Millennials in Action – Local Event for First Time Home Buyers

Frustrated with Silicon Valley becoming so expensive that even your six-figure salary can’t buy you a decent house?!   Tired of your landlord constantly raising the rent? Dreading the idea of moving back in with your parents to “save up

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To Build or Not to Build?

That is the question, the real estate question that is. With all of the latest and greatest fashion trends it may be confusing to follow what’s in and what’s out, however, with home trends do you know what is trending?

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Local Realtor – S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Come to Synoptic and be the next success story! We say that with confidence because we have the facts and figures to prove it! However, it must be said that we have such a great track record because we literally

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Trusted Local Realtors: Behind the Scenes

Ground Work: It was an ordinary Spring day in Los Gatos and my assignment for that day was to meet up the Synoptic Real Estate team to observe how they take a client’s home and get it ready for both

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